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Diary Archive 2012

January 2012

Sunday 1st Jan.

Members' Meeting


Tuesday 3rd Jan.

Quiz v. King's Arms

Thursday 5th Jan.

Bacchus / Death Job / Trauma Unit + more t.b.a

Thursday 5th Jan.

Bar Collective Meeting


Saturday 7th Jan.

Cafe Open from noon


Saturday 7th Jan.

Speedboat Salesmen / Rhodes / Nai Harvest / Model Radio / Lights of Barcelona / I See A Giant / We Wear Togas / Sad Pandas / These Colonies / Lake Michigan / Mathlete

**All day event of twinkly emo, 90's midwest & math**

Thursday 12th Jan.


Library Collective Meeting

Saturday 14th Jan.

Cafe Open from noon


Sunday 15th Jan.

Members' Meeting


Thursday 19th Jan.

Bar Collective Meeting


Saturday 21st Jan.

Cafe Open from noon - Migrant Solidarity event.



Saturday & Sunday 21st & 22nd Jan.



Main session ideas

To coincide with the Migrant Support Café a special fundraiser café to support a members asylum case, open from noon on Saturday at the 1 in 12 Club, we'll be doing a short workshop/talk for those that are interested covering such topics as email encryption, free blogging with Network23, the BeTheMedia news aggregation site, and introducing our book Tech tools for activists.

  1. Session on the Network23 free blogging platform: work so far, technical discussion, ways of organising, etc.
  2. Tech Tools for Activists 2 - progress and review of book so far, suggestions for additions and plan for next print run and distribution.
  3. HacktionLab-on-the-Road: proposals and decisions for whether we take our BarnCamp event on the road to various events during the summer of 2012.
  4. Consolidation and getting organised - discussion on how can we bring the work of the collectives we are involved in and tools listed in Tech Tools together to be more widespread and clearer for people with which we work.
  5. Discussion on the Social Contract for Communications Providers.
  6. Political Responses to the ACTA and upcoming Digital Repression - info about ACTA
  7. Drupal Clinic - bring your Drupal project to the table and show it to your peers, amaze your friends, or get feedback and suggestions, discover that module you should have used that would have saved you all that work.

Sub session ideas

  1. Review of a Drupal Indymedia site: a 30 minute look at Oxford Indymedia's new Drupal IMC (adelayde).
  2. Review of the new HacktionLab web site at http://pxr5.hacktivista.net
  3. Watch Some 28C3 Sessions
  4. Learn how to make rebelli-oke with Universal Subtitles rebellioke

Tuesday 24th Jan

Quiz v. Bullshippers

Thursday 26th Jan.


Saturday 28th Jan.

Cafe Open from noon


February 2012

<whoops lost some data>

Thursday 23rd Feb.

Library Collective Meeting


This Obscene Baby Auction presents:


Friday 24th Feb



The Living Daylights

Above Them

Cut Yourself In Half

Saturday 25th Feb.

Meals To An End


Saturday 25th Feb.

Sophie Lancaster Foundation Benefit

sophie benefit

Tuesday 28th Feb

1in12 Quiz Team vs. 4+1


From 6.00

MayDay 2012 Planning Meeting


March 2011

Thursday 1st Mar.

Bar Collective Meeting


Friday 2nd Mar.


Equal Fest 2012

Friday: Beards / Nervous Twitch / Etai Keshiki / Jesus & His Judgemental Father/ Nine Bullets / Radio Partizan

Saturday 3rd March

Cafe open from noon


Saturday 3rd Mar.

Equal Fest 2012

Belgrado / Lich / Executive Legs / Severed Heaven / Pudge / Mechagodzilla / Nu Pogodi

Sunday 4th Mar.

Members' Meetingtyrant_chart

Tuesday 6th Mar.

Airebrain 2012

Airedale Quiz League beano!


Thursday 8th Mar.

Joe Tilston presents...

Anti Vigilante

Tyrannosaurus Alan

This Junk


Thursday 8th Mar.

Library Collective Meeting


Friday 9th Mar.

t.b.c. - Benefit for club!

Sat 10th Mar.

Cafe open from noon


From 2.00, in the Library

Busker's Retreat

Robots vs. Sharks present...

You know the deal by now. Three amazing artists and your bumbling host Joe Tilston, loads of lovely cheap Vegan grub and a brew... or six Kick off around 2, finish no later than 5:30

Dariush & Jade - An amazing Jazz duo hailing from Huddersfield and Leeds. superb guitar playing and singer to match. It's also nice to welcome our first female vocalist to the retreat!

Rob Holden - "a rough diamond you would not wish to polish" A veteran of the Bradford rock scene, who has dabbled in the darker side of acoustic music for a while now. a real treat for you all.

Kurt Wood - https://www.facebook.com/itskurtwood You will be familiar with this chap from his many loud bands, Sounds of Swami and Foxes Faux being the two current projects. A new force in the world of acoustic music, but already turning heads and opening eyes with his original approach to playing.


Thursday 15th Mar.

Bar Collective Meeting


Pete's 50th Birthday!



Friday 16th

Private Party (member's bar open as normal)



Saturday 17th Mar.

Cafe Open from noon


Sunday 18th Mar.

Members' Meeting



Sunday 18th March 15.00 - 22.30

20120318_bAbove Them / Great Cynics / Marmozets / Leagues Apart / Sounds of Swami / Young Attenborough / T Shirt Weather / Perkie / Don't Let Paris Fool You / Ren Spits At Magpies / Guilty Parties / Kurt Wood


Tuesday 20th Mar.

In the members' bar:

1in12 Quiz Team vs. Regex

In the Library:

Travellers Solidarity Infotour

from 7.00


Thursday 22nd Mar.

Library Collective Meeting


Lifting the Lid on Menwith Hill:

The Strategic Roles and Economic Impact of the US Spy Base in Yorkshire

Recently launched in Harrogate (nearest town to Menwith Hill) this is the first report of its kind that investigates the role of Menwith Hill since the European Parliament resolved that the electronic surveillance breached the European Convention of Human Rights in 2001.


It sheds light on the work of the US base which is run by the National Security Agency (NSA) under an informal and secretive lease agreement with the UK Government. Important questions are raised within the report regarding the base's accountability to Parliament.


The report covers:


  • Menwith Hill's strategic role as a regional intelligence base illegally collecting and analysing information from satellites, phone tapping and the interception of internet traffic

  • The role that Menwith Hill plays in information-led warfare for US military actions such as drone attacks

  • An examination of claims made by the US authorities, and repeated in Parliament, of the economic benefit of the base to the local community

  • The hidden economic costs of the base and the degree to which these are subsidised by the UK taxpayer

Report author Dr Steve Schofield will give a presentation on the main findings, followed by a discussion.

Friday 23rd March


(click poster to enlarge)

FREDAG DEN 13:E - Aggressive Scandi crust driven by rock'n'roll riffage (Sweden)

MEINHOF - Raw, vicious Hardcore-Crust, with aggressive, raucous and mangy female vokillz and extremely political and resistant lyrics backed with the melodic guitar.

WOLFBEAST DESTROYER - D-bea(s)t rock'n'roll crust band formed by members of BURNING THE PROSPECT, URKO

and PATIENT ZERO from Boston (not Boston)

Saturday 24th Mar.

Meals To An End


Films To An End - fundraiser film event, details t.b.c.

Tuesday 27th

1in12 Quiz Team semi-final vs. The bar End

Thursday 29th Mar.

Bar Collective Meeting


Friday 30th March

Robots vs. Sharks present:

Captain Hotknives

Paul Carter

Robin Leitch


Saturday March 31st

Cafe open from noon.


Saturday March 31st




1in12 benefit



April 2012

Sunday 1st Apr.

Members' Meeting




Thursday 5th Apr.

Shhh! Music in t'Library


Saturday 7th Apr.

Cafe Open from noon


Saturday 7th Apr

United Voids present...


Thursday 12th Apr.

[awry] Psychedelic Celidh



Thursday 12th Apr.

Bar Collective Meeting


Friday 13th Apr.

Robots vs. Sharks present:



Yo El Rey




Saturday 14th Apr.

Cafe Open from noon


Saturday 14th April

House 32 Presents:



Sunday 15th Apr.

AGM 2012

Buns, bun-fights, financial reports and witty retorts, misery, defeat and despair.

Don't miss it!



Tuesday 17th Apr.

1in12 Quiz team vs. Tadpoles


Thursday 19th Apr.

Library Collective Meeting




Friday 20th Apr.

Psychobilly Gig w/

The Tomb

Holy Wack Jobs

Howling Wolfmen


Saturday 21st Apr.

Cafe Open from noon


Manchester Social Centre fundraiser - details t.b.c.



Thursday 26th Apr.

Bar Collective Meeting




Saturday 28th Apr.

Mayday Extravanganza w/ Zounds and a constellation of supporting artistes.



May 2012

Thursday 20th September

Library Collective Meeting

Feminist Reading Group present:



Film Night with  "Freedom for Birth". The film tells the story of Agnes Gereb, a Hungarian midwife imprisoned for helping to give women choice in birth. The film tells how a Hungarian mother, Anna Ternovsky, who wanted a home birth with Agnes, took her country to the European Court of Human Rights and won a landmark case! Also in the film are over 40 of the world's leading birth experts including:
Ina May Gaskin, Sheila Kitzinger, Sarah Buckley, Robbie Davis-Floyd and Michel Odent.

We will be in the library with cakes and hot drinks available from 7.30 for an 8.00 start. The film is an hour long and there will be time for chatting with a pint or two afterwards.

Thursday 20th September

Dusty Awe (acoustic antifolk singer songwriter from Denmark) + James Bar Bowen (award-winning acoustic folk punk songs to make you laugh, cry and rage)


In the members bar from 9.00

Friday 21st September

DIY or Die present...

New DIY night featuring bands and then DJs, with music from:

Town Bike (Liverpool) - Bringing dancing to the masses through pop-punk songs about cycling and Dougie from McFly. http://townbike.bandcamp.com/

Martha (Pity Me, Durham) - The punks are writing love songs. Part ONSIND, part Fashanu, entirely amazing DIY pop band. http://marthadiy.bandcamp.com/

Illusory Centre (Bradford) - Dreamy allternative rock with warm fuzzy guitars.

We want this to be a queer and trans-friendly space. Bands from 8pm. DJs from 11pm, playing riot grrrl, punk,indie, electro and pop.

Plus DIY or Die zine distro and vegan cake.

£3 members/£4 non-members.

Saturday 20th September

From 10.30 a.m.


On Saturday 22nd September 2012 we’ll be inaugurating the long awaited SoundClub

For the old hands it will be chance to catch up on those outstanding maintenance jobs that have been getting on our nerves for ages.

For newcomers it’ll be a chance to get to know how the PA system works without the distraction of noisy musicians making it difficult to communicate.

For the club it’ll be a chance to (eventually) lure some fresh talent into the sound engineering collective.

Meet from 10.30 til 16.00 approx
The café will be open from noon

* Coffee * Soldering Irons * Flip-charts * Laptops * Decibels * Politics *
Don’t miss it!

Saturday 22nd September

Cafe open from noon


Thursday 27th September

Bar Collective Meeting


Doing it collectively, by the people, for the people.

Friday 28th September

Robb Johnson & The Irregulars


website FB event page

Saturday 29th September

Cafe open from noon


October 2012

Thursday 4th October


1in12 Library Collective present a discussion on "Z" by Costa Gavras - can a political thriller from the 1960s tell us anything about our current situation?

Saturday 6th September

Cafe open from noon


Saturday 6th October

1in12 Club Cyclists


Meet at 1.00 for dinner at the club followed by a stately ride to `thornton via Haworth road thence back to the club for a pint.

Saturday 13th September

Cafe open from noon


19th - 21st October

Means To An End Fest

Friday 19th

DISKELMA (Finland)
I LIKE BUGS (London)

+1 TBC



SUNDAY 21ST October (Held at Wharf Chambers, Leeds)


NO (London)

There will also be a disco, vegan cafe, punk quiz and much merriment.

Weekend and day ticket prices tbc, band details and poster to follow. Cheers!



Friday 21st December


Members' Bar




Saturday 22nd December

The Bill & Gill Gig

Benefit gig in solidarity with Bill Pritchard, founder member of 1in12 Club now suffering from Motor Neurone Disease and Gill Allcock former chair of 1in12 Club who sadly died from cancer on 5th November 2012.

All proceeds split between Motor Neurone Disease Association and Marie Curie Leeds Road Hospice



Saturday 28th December

No Hands



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